We care for the future.
We make the world healthier,
We keep our precious lives.

Established since 1970, SK Plasma specializes in plasma-derived medicine and carried plasma fractionation business under the founding principle of “promoting human health and protecting the environment.”

Plasma derived products are essential medicines to treat diseases that can be directly linked to human life, such as congenital immunodeficiency diseases and hemophilia. Therefore, SK Plasma does not simply to cease to generate economic value but also take a part of major role of creating social value to protect health of human lives.

In addition, we are continuing to develop new products to strengthen our competitiveness and lead the health of humanity.

Global Business

SK Plasma is one of biologic medicine company in SK Group. Since 1970, SK Plasma has been developing and manufacturing high quality plasma-derived medicines and we are expanding into new areas of unmet need in the world utilizing our new fractionation facility established in 2018. We want to dedicate ourselves to enhance the lives of patients providing our qualified products and a complete solution of self-sufficiency to other countries.

Manufacturing Process

Plasma-derived medicines are produced by the processing of human plasma through fractionation, purification, and virus inactivation/removal. Plasma-derived medicines include products such as Albumin, Immunoglobulin, Coagulation Factor, Antithrombin III and so on.

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Hyunwook Ahn
Marketing Planning Manager